We Don’t Steal. We Know How To Ask.

TL;DR: My Dede was a fascinating character.  While he was a profoundly flawed individual, my Mother and I loved him with boundless devotion.  The lessons he passed down continue to shape the way we look at the world, and remind us who we are.

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The Creatures

I’ve Been At Loose Ends, So I’m Pretty Sure It’s Time For Me To Get Worms.

TL;DR: I really, really, really don’t wanna do my life, especially without instructors and syllabi directing my every move.  Unfortunately I kinda have to, because chronologically speaking I’m an adult, and no one else is gonna do it for me.  So as incentive to do the terrifying things that make me pee myself, I am also going to do exciting and fun things.  Continue reading “I’ve Been At Loose Ends, So I’m Pretty Sure It’s Time For Me To Get Worms.”


I Probably Love You

TL;DR: In my last (somewhat dour) post I talked about wanting to go the extra mile for people, just in case they are having a hard time and really need it.  But, truthfully, there is another reason that I am usually eager to help out.  I get preeetty sizeable bursts of joy from helping those I love, and I love preeetty much everyone, ever.  Seriously, I’m like the dog from “Up.”  It is strange, and very awkward, but you kind of… get used to it?

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